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Paint a rainbow inside of you, paint a rainbow, let your smile shine through. When it's cold and gray, push the clouds away, paint a rainbow in your heart.

Art gallery painting and watercolor by Kapusto Pavel

Pavel Kapusto online art gallery Kiev Ukraine

Welcome to the pesonal site of artist Kapusto Pavel

There You can see oil painting and watercolor by the author. In his gallery you can see: still lifes , landscapes , figuratives and animals . On this site You can find city scapes , a favorite subject for the author .

Selling of paintings

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+38067 9028359

Oil painting watercolor landscape cityscape seascape stll life animals miniature nude

ART is an act of creation, when images & objects, sights and sounds, or drawings and carvings convey the beauty and splendor of the world, or realize the imagination of the artist, for the purpose of self-expression or the shared enjoyment of its creation. Art is that which elevates our interpretation of the world and of ourselves from simple description or narrative to the sublime. The modern use of the word "art", which rose to prominence after 1750, is commonly understood to be skill used to produce an aesthetic result.

REALISM in art and literature uses naturalistic tendencies as a tool to make a biting relevant political statement. Realism also refers to a mid-19th century cultural movement with its roots in France. Realism sets as a goal not imitating past artistic achievements but the truthful and accurate depiction of the models that nature and contemporary life offer to the artist. The artificiality of both the Classicism and Romanticism in the academic art was unanimously rejected, and necessity to introduce contemporary to art found strong support. New idea was that ordinary people and everyday activities are worthy subjects for art. Artists - Realists attempted to portray the lives, appearances, problems, customs, and mores of the middle and lower classes, of the unexceptional, the ordinary, the humble, and the unadorned. They set themselves conscientiously to reproduce all to that point ignored aspects of contemporary life and society - its mental attitudes, physical settings, and material conditions.

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