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Pavel Kapusto artist biography

Kapusto Pavel

He was born in 1967 in Vitebsk, Belorussia.As a gifted young artist Pavel Kapusto studied at various prestigious art schools including the Ioganson Middle Art School (The Academy of Art , Russia, St.Petersburg) and the Shevchenko Republic Art School before entering the Kiev State Art Institute.He participated in workshops presented by Professor Chmutina N.B., teacher of painting and Prof. Himich Y.I.. In 1995 he graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts with a degree in Fine Art and Architecture. Work for his thesis DHSH "On pasture" was exhibited in more than 20 countries worldwide. The year1996 marked a one-person exhibit of his work at the KUMF Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Since 1997 the artist has taken part in the annual All Ukrainian Artistic Exhibition. In 2001 and 2003 he participated in a group exhibition of young artists called City Scapes in Prague, Chechoslovakia. In 2004 he contributed to the "Capitals Vernissage" project in Kiev and the international exhibition "Orthodox Ukraine" at the Lavra Gallery in Kiev. Nancy, France was the site for a watercolor exhibition in 2005.

From childhood for Pavel was keen on drawing. For years his love of drawing became his profession. The author's favorite medium is watercolor. The great number of the varied work is a testament to his professional level. From 1999 the author's passion is oil painting. Demanding of himself, he has been constantly improving his skills. Realistic painting demands the outstanding ability of the artist and hard work. His favorite genre is the architectral City scape, which is rightfully considered one of the most difficult to execute. Another picturesque genre - a still life is new a passion of the author. It reflects the total and combined skills of the author as a painter. Careful drawing of the details is typical of all of his works: creating absolutely realistic impressions.

His works are in private collections in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Italy, Syria, the Vatican City and China. His paintings are owned by the Administration of the President of the Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of the Ukraine, the Austrian, British and Polish Embassies and well as Phillip Morris, Rosugol and other international corporations.

The artists lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

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